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Changing how software is built and products are released.

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We design and build custom solutions that help businesses thrive. Our specialty is in figuring our how to best use emerging technology to solve difficult problems, get new ideas to market, or disrupt traditional business models.

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Application Modernisation

Artificial Intelligence

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Internet of Things

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Cloud Services

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Extended Reality

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We've delivered 870 projects for over 200 clients in 16+ years.

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We design, build and deliver custom software solutions, drawing on our expertise in user experience, cloud, big data analytics, Internet of Things, virtual reality, deep learning and machine learning.

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Being part of DiUS is more than just about a career, it’s a shared experience. I’ve made lifeling friends here, started a family, tackled public speaking and co-founded a start-up. As a mother of two, I’ve been able to take extended maternity leave and work part-time without if affecting my opportunities or career progression.


Beth Skurrie

Lead Consultant, Senior Software developer & Co-founder Pactflow.io

Start Up Spotlight

Creating, advising and scaling start ups

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We love going deep on solving problems, and what better way to go deep than through supporting start-up projects and businesses. We work with a number of start-up clients and event have a handful of our own in-house start-ups.

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